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Fas Snacks Vending Machine

FAS 400 T


  • L6 spirals drawers

  • Patented, energy-saving, slide-in/slide-out refrigeration unit that can be replaced quickly

  • Patented lateral refrigeration ventilation for energy savings, condensation and optimal homogenization of temperatures

  • 32 -bit electronics

  • Power Led illumination with Energy Saving

  • Programming, cloning, and Audit functions using a standard USB pen drive

  • Graphic colour display 480×272 pixel with the possibility of a personalised slide shows and/or visualization of supplementary information (ex: product ingredients and nutritional value)

  • Drawer Display Kit

  • Rielda RS1 Lock

  • Easy Click System: for configuring the machine quickly and easily without any need for technical instruments

  • Configuration possibilities: 1T – 2T – 3T Snack + Drink + Food

  • Polyurethane foam insulation (CFC Free)

  • Pre-cooling storage

  • Reflector product photocells detectors

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