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Fas Hot, Cold & Snacks Vending Machines


  • 13.3 "interactive master / slave touch interface, with integrated WiFi connection

  • Upper LED-lit screen printing

  • Remote management with WiFi connection on integrated FAS Cloud

  • Easy-access front self-feeding tank kit

  • Also available in the version with integrated infusion and herbal tea sachets delivery in the power supply compartment

  • Installation of several payment systems


  • High capacity: 96 ½l PET on two drawers + 1 drawer with 8 selections for snacks

  • High yield and low consumption thanks to a structure of the foamed box and a high-tight door

  • Slide-in / Slide refrigeration unit -out unified with the entire FAS line

  • Easy-click as standard

  • Large withdrawal pocket at the highest levels of the category

  • Photocells as standard

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