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FAS 400 T

Fas Hot Drinks Vending Machine

FAS 400 T
FAS 400 T


  • Full automatic dispenser with a capacity of 400 cups and 350 stirrers

  • New design in line with the FAS tradition and can be combined with the Young 170 model

  • User interface with 13.3 "tablet

  • Upper screen printing with LED lighting

  • Integrated Wi Fi connections

  • Predisposition for connection internet dongle key

  • 6 high capacity containers

  • Spout movement to optimize product delivery

  • Mixing solenoid valve to optimize the temperatures in the cup of each soluble product

  • Espresso version with innovative FAS coffee group capable of guaranteeing excellent espresso coffee quality and a high temperature of the first coffee

  • Cup release device with adjustable diameter

  • Paddle release system with the possibility of adjusting both length and thickness

  • Rielda lock with programmable code

  • MDB, Executive multi-protocol

  • Energy saving function

  • Integrated remote management via FAS CLOUD

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